I write under the name The Old Farmer. It is a name that describes me well. And it allows me the freedom to write from my heart. I hope you purchase this e-book and it helps to lighten your load.

This e-book has seventy-three poems and ballads in it. They are in PDF format and will be immediately accessible after purchase. Here are some of the titles.

A Harlots Lake
God’s Power
God’s Love
Marriage and Man
Morning Time
My Rose
Nights Meadow
No Eggs Today
Political Campaigning
Rampaging Old Farmer
Sightless Wonders
Softly the Winds
The Ballad of Carl and Ab
(And the Chicken Accelerator)
The Blue Window Sill
The Bumble Bee and Me
The Bumble Bee and Me at The Fair
The Forever-Ness of Never
The Old Corner Post
The Storm
Twilight Things
Winters Night
You Are Gone

I Am Humanist
The Little Cow That Could


Below you will find a few excerpts from my offerings.


Nights Meadow

The mist of the clear moon night,
Cotton layers, quiet, still in flight.
Shrouded streamers thru trees unseen,
Silver lances, braided with unsung green.

(there's more)


The Ballad of Carl and Ab
And the Chicken Accelerator

I looked at the thing just scratching my head,
It’s a chicken accelerator is what they both said.
Uncle Ab explained to me just how it would work,
The whole thing would start with a mighty big jerk.

(And some more verses)

At the second impact their bodies were hurled high,
The half clothed man and naked chicken trying to fly.
His wings were churning trying to grasp the air,
While the man’s flapping arms were pitiful to compare.

(And much, much more.)


Sightless Wonders

Shades of terror seldom seen,
Thru the eyes of beauties queen.
Sorrows never lest we weep,
She protects us though we sleep.

(there's more)

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope you do buy this book and enjoy it very much.

All is well down on the farm.

The Old Farmer